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Our mission

Dewey’s mission is to leverage science and data driven insights to advance the cannabis plant for the benefit of farmers, brands, and consumers.

As longtime cannabis enthusiasts and scientists, we’ve seen first-hand how often plants don’t live up to their promise. Many of today’s cannabis breeders make breeding decisions solely based on anecdotal evidence, leading to products that fail to deliver on the traits that growers are looking for and consumers expect.

All of the commercial crops we consume today have undergone genetic analysis to produce the most ideal cultivars of those crops — and Dewey is creating those so why don’t we have the same scientific tools for cannabis?

Our story

Dewey Scientific is pioneering this traditional method of agriculture development to create the cannabis genetics of the future. Headquartered in the heart of the fertile Palouse in Pullman, Washington, Dewey was founded by three Ph.D. plant biologists from Washington State University. Our scientific team is made up of experts in the fields of terpene production, trichome development, genetics, and plant breeding. You can learn more about our published research here.

Our innovations

Our breeding program applies best-in-class genetic research to ensure our cultivation partners have the highest-quality cultivars, with the ultimate goal of elevating our understanding of the cannabis plant to that of other economically vital agricultural commodities.

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Our leadership team

Jordan Zager, PhD

Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder
Jordan Zager has nearly a decade of experience working with cannabis. He is an expert in cannabis genetics and natural product biosynthesis, having authored multiple research papers in the fields of trichome development and metabolism, mathematical modeling of biochemical pathways, and functional genomics. He has set his sights on aggressively applying modern scientific methods to crop improvement for the cannabis industry establishing himself as an industry leader in plant biochemistry and agricultural biotechnology. Jordan earned a PhD in Biochemistry from Washington State University and is a sought-after expert in natural product biosynthesis and chemical analysis of cannabis resin compounds. As a long time cannabis user, Jordan is simply product-obsessed; a reflection of his commitment to raising the bar for breeders, cultivators, and brands.
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Mark Lange, PhD

Chief Science Officer / Co-Founder
Mark Lange is one of the foremost experts on terpene biochemistry and natural product biosynthesis. In addition to co-founding Dewey Scientific, Mark is a professor at the Institute of Biological Chemistry and the director of the Murdock Metabolomics Laboratory at Washington State University. His research program focuses on unraveling the biochemical pathways leading to bioactive natural products, including those accumulated in cannabis. Mark was trained as a chemist with an M.Sc. degree from the University of Bonn and a Ph.D. from the University of Munich. Dr. Lange'’s research has been instrumental in raising awareness of the metabolic pathways that produce the building blocks for cannabinoids and terpenes alike, and has helped to bring clarity to the enormous number of metabolites that plants produce which are essential for dynamic responses to various environmental cues such as temperature, nutrient status, water availability, light, pathogens, herbivores and others.
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