Following decades of tight restrictions, recent legislative adjustments have decriminalized the use of products derived from cannabis (Cannabis sativa L.) in many countries and jurisdictions. This has led to a renewed interest in better understanding the chemical basis of physiological effects attributed to cannabis use. The present review article summarizes our current knowledge regarding the 130 structures of cannabinoids that have been characterized from cannabis extracts to date. We are also providing information on the methods employed for structure determination to help the reader assess the quality of the original structural assignments. Cannabinoid chemical diversity is discussed in the context of current knowledge regarding the enzymes involved in cannabinoid biosynthesis. We briefly assess to what extent cannabinoid levels are determined by the genotype of a given chemovar and discuss the limits of enzymatic control over the cannabinoid profile.

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Lange, B.M., Zager, J.J. Comprehensive inventory of cannabinoids in Cannabis sativa L.: Can we connect genotype and chemotype?. Phytochem Rev 21, 1273–1313 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11101-021-09780-2

Received15 March 2021

Accepted20 September 2021

Published19 October 2021

Issue DateAugust 2022



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